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Milton 5.0 Ad - Rap

The latest Milton 5.0 commercial - by Dru Vocals - you can hire him here.

Milton 5.0, Milton 5.0
Drawn by Tim Thayer, if you don't know, you better go
CPU is a robot and Milton is a duck
Henry is a rabbit with criminal cousins going at it
It's hand drawn, three times a week online
It's got insecurity, arrogance, blind faith, helplessness and crime
Laziness, egotism, randomness, the meek vs. the mighty
Milton's car, you need to check it out and try it
1 year strong, come on
Where's the comments and love, cuz laughs, it's got more than some
A spin-off from Three Feet, Tim got his Suburban in the street
And this comic strip is cool man, just like this beat
If you like Charles Schulz, Robert Crumb and Dr. Seuss
Then you just gotta see Milton doing what he do
Black and white, but I love it, random humor, jumping bunnies
Speech balloons I be reading always being so funny
Tim's From Cali to NYC and now upstate for 20 years
Pen and ink, laugh it up, Milton 5.0 that's what's up
yea..milton 5.0 check it out..laugh it up online comic strip